About Agsafe

Agsafe is a non-profit organisation, which fosters four programs for environmentally safe handling, storage, transportation and disposal of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals and containers.

The industry-led body formed in 1993, following a commitment to product stewardship by the Board of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Association (now CropLife Australia), to ensure safe supply and use of agvet products throughout the supply chain.

Agsafe supports four product stewardship programs: Training, Accreditation, drumMUSTER and ChemClear.

Agsafe training, offered to agvet suppliers, ensures staff and contractors who sell or advise on agvet products follow the principles of safe, effective and legal use of chemicals. Trained suppliers can become Agsafe members, benefiting from expert advice on industry developments and regulatory requirements in their state or territory.

Agsafe accreditation is bestowed on resellers and warehouses that are members of Agsafe and whose premises meet the standards contained in the industry Code of Practice. This means they are compliant for the storage and handling and sale of agvet chemicals. Many quality assurance (QA) programs require growers demonstrate their commitment to product stewardship by purchasing agvet chemicals from accredited suppliers. Agsafe Accreditation ensures suppliers are working with producers to meet their QA requirements.

drumMUSTER held its first agvet chemical container collection at Gunnedah, NSW in 1999. The program has since collected 29 million empty, clean containers, with more than 800 collection sites operating nationwide funded by an ACCC authorised levy. Drums are recycled and transformed into wheelie bins, public furniture, construction materials and road markers.

ChemClear evolved out of the 2002 one-off ChemCollect program, which was steered by federal and state governments and the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme. ChemClear was established in 2003 to provide farmers with an on-going avenue to dispose of agvet chemicals safely and encourage the protection of land and waterways.

The drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs also ensure agvet chemical users meet their QA, farm and environmental management responsibilities.