• What is it?

    Agsafe accredits stores supplying agvet chemical products. The accreditation process ensures that stores are compliant with all Commonwealth, state and territory regulations for the transport, storage and handling of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemical products.

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  • Why become accredited?

    Agsafe accreditation is an industry-led initiative developed by industry for industry to deliver practical and relevant benefits.

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  • How does my store become accredited?

    Agvet chemical product resellers become accredited following a visit from an Agsafe Accreditation Facilitator who checks the store’s compliance against the Agsafe Industry Code of Practice for the Safe Transport, Handling and Storage of Packaged Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (the Code). The facilitator then provides the premises with a report that either confirms compliance or identifies additional measures that need to be implemented by the premises.

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  • Accreditation facilitators

    Find your nearest accreditation facilitator

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  • Premises risk profiling tool

    A risk-based approach to service delivery.

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