How does my store become accredited?

Agvet chemical product resellers become accredited following a visit from an Agsafe Assessor who checks the store’s compliance against the Agsafe Industry Code of Practice for the Safe Transport, Handling and Storage of Packaged Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (the Code). Agsafe then provides the premises with a report that either confirms compliance or identifies additional measures that need to be implemented to gain compliance.

Once all outstanding measures are completed and implemented by the premises, Agsafe issues an accreditation certificate and window sticker to the premises for display.

Re-accreditation occurs approximately each two years to ensure that premises maintain compliance with the Code and remain up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements for managing agvet chemicals. Members may request additional visits at any time and may also be entitled to a free courtesy visit from time to time based on their accreditation status.