Risk profiling tool

Agsafe is changing the way we can deliver our premises accreditation to better fit the needs of our members, whether they be individual stores, groups or corporates.

One way of doing this is to increase or decrease the frequency of assessment related to the risk profile of a store.

To measure risk we have developed an online survey of 30 questions related to: the peak quantities of each type of hazardous chemical held; fire risk; health and safety risks; and environmental risks.

Each response is weighted and ratios are applied before giving the store a final score. The score ultimately denotes whether a store is categorised as low, medium or high risk profile. A high score does not mean the store is “at risk”, it simply means the store has more potential risk factors than others that need to well managed, and is eligible for more frequent visits.

Any Agsafe member, or group of members, can access the questionnaire and get a risk rating for the store or the group for free.

For more information about the tool please contact Edmund Villasis by email (