Why become accredited?

Agsafe accreditation is an industry-led initiative developed by industry for industry to deliver practical and relevant benefits:

When purchasing from an accredited store, farmers and customers can be assured that:

  • Products purchased have been stored and handled safely and correctly assuring that products will work as described; and
  • That they can access quality advice from trained staff about the safe and responsible use of agvet chemical products that is consistent with industry best practice and regulatory obligations.

By becoming accredited retail premises are supported to become compliant with complex and detailed regulatory requirements for managing dangerous goods and hazardous agvet chemical products in a manner that minimises any potential risks to workers, customers, the community and the environment.

Agsafe Accreditation helps the environment and our communities, as responsible agvet chemical management minimises the potential risk of harm to natural environments from spills, breakages and other accidental releases.

Agsafe members receive other benefits including:

  • Real-time access to information about store accreditation status to assist managers plan training and assessments;
  • Promotional materials to raise awareness about a store’s commitment to best practise;
  • Educational tools that help businesses to remain compliant and keep their staff informed of their responsibilities, and
  • Regular information via an e-newsletter that provides up-to-date information on industry and government issues.