Personal Accreditation

The agricultural reseller and other related sectors have long recognised the value of Agsafe Personal Accreditation. It is often referenced as a minimum qualification for employment. Only staff of Agsafe members, or individuals who choose to become an Agsafe member can become accredited. Those working in the following roles are most likely to hold Agsafe Personal Accreditation.

  • Premises Manager
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Agronomist
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Officer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Transport Manager.

To achieve Personal Accreditation a person needs to complete the Agvet Chemical Supplier course within 12 months of starting in the relevant role.

To maintain Personal Accreditation a person needs to complete further training over time to keep their skills and knowledge current. Agsafe is adding to their range of courses that help provide these updates, often referred to as reaccreditation courses.

Points are gained for every training activity provided by or logged with Agsafe. For example, the Chemical Supplier course is allotted 300 points. Click here for a list of criteria for recognising training provided by groups other than Agsafe.

100 points are deleted from a person's record each year and reminders are sent when points drop to 100.

People who hold Personal Accreditation can track, and add to, their own training activity online and see their points balance.