Terms & conditions

  • Access and equity

    Access and Equity

    Agsafe is committed to the principles of access and equity in the delivery of training and assessment services, and sensitive to the cultural and learning needs of participants.

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  • Grievance and appeal

    All participants of Agsafe courses have rights and responsibilities that are integral to the resolution of problems. In the event that a participant has a grievance with Agsafe or any Agsafe trainer or assessor, Agsafe will endeavour to resolve the issue in one of three ways.

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  • Quality assurance

    Course Material

    Agsafe is committed to providing training courses of a consistently high standard and as part of that objective it monitors and seeks to improve the quality of its training materials using the following review process: 

    1. Training materials are reviewed by the Agsafe Accreditation & Training Manager, Agsafe assessprs or another relevant reviewer considered appropriate 
    2. Revisions based on recommendations are signed off by the Agsafe Accreditation & Training Manager 
    3. Training materials are updated 
    4. Agsafe staff, trainers and assessors are formally notified of revisions to training materials

    Agsafe welcomes and encourages feedback on all aspects of its training materials and presentations.

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  • Training terms and conditions

    Course Fees

    Current fees for all Agsafe training options are available on our website.

    Payment of Fees

    All fees must be paid in full before training materials will be supplied.

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